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Azrights International Ltd is a training and events company providing online courses and solutions in intellectual property, business and branding to an international audience.

Using an IP First approach is essential to successful protection of new ideas and initiatives. Contrary to popular belief, “protecting IP” is about the choices you make, such as of names, the use of appropriate agreements at the right time, and doing appropriate due diligence checks before registering trade marks or patents. Otherwise, you could be laying yourself wide open to theft, and loss of opportunities.

Azrights International provides online courses and solutions, in particular using processes embedded with best practice and legal advice is the how Legally Branded Academy 2.0 helps you avoid overlooking IP. 

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Join intellectual property law expert Shireen Smith for this 1 hour training webinar to learn a new proven process based approach for accelerating the impact of any new idea.

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Meet Shireen Smith

Shireen Smith is an entrepreneur with two businesses. She is also a lawyer and founder of a successful law firm, Azrights  with deep knowledge of the marketing aspects of setting up new brands and trade marks. She is a bestselling author on Amazon of two books on intellectual property Legally Branded and Intellectual Property Revolution. She is also a trained journalist. As well as advising top blue chip companies like Reuters Shireen has supported hundreds of SMEs to protect their business assets and brands when launching, growing and exiting their businesses. Under her separate business, Azrights International Ltd she offers training courses in positioning, intellectual property, branding, and brand building. So she is well placed to integrate marketing with intellectual property to help businesses to build strong differentiated brands for their products and services.

Azrights Solicitors

Azrights is an award winning, niche Intellectual Property (IP) law firm advising on the A to Z of intellectual property (IP) rights and related business law – hence the name. Our services cover every area of IP (copyright, trademarks, patents, designs, confidential information, and privacy law, to name the main ones). We are a one stop shop for all your intellectual property and commercial legal needs.

This site does not provide legal services. If you require legal support please get in touch with Azrights solicitors.

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Azrights International Solutions

We provide alternative solutions to one to one consultancy, with a focus on intellectual property such as - Legally Branded Academy 2.0.

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