As well as the Legally Branded Academy 2.0 course, Azrights International  also offers other online courses the main one being on branding but also a couple of “how to” ones and the current courses are indicated below. If you have a need for a particular course please request it here as we are planning a number of others, such as on GDPR.



How to Trade Mark a Name

Why spend hours that you don’t have trying to figure out by yourself how to register your own trade mark, when you can get expert guidance from a lawyer in this short course?

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Protecting Digital and other Assets via Copyright Online Course 

This course includes a template that assigns copyright, and actually deals with more than just copyright. It also covers moral rights waiver. This is the creator’s right to object to you altering the work they create, such as by engaging another designer to make changes to it down the line. It’s a really easy template to use needing just the other party’s contact details and signature. 

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