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Why you need to learn how to protect digital and other assets via copyright?

  • You will understand what is copyright and why does it matter to you
  • Get access to template that can implement a process to manage your biggest risk with copyright, that of finding out later that you don't own the rights to something you assumed you would own
  • Copyright ownership is hugely significant for all businesses to address it although it is often overlooked


This course includes a template that assigns copyright, and actually deals with more than just copyright. It also covers moral rights waiver. This is the creator’s right to object to you altering the work they create, such as by engaging another designer to make changes to it down the line. It’s a really easy template to use needing just the other party’s contact details and signature. 


Meet Shireen Smith

Shireen Smith is an entrepreneur with two businesses. She is also a lawyer and founder of a successful law firm, Azrights  with deep knowledge of the marketing aspects of setting up new brands and trade marks. She is a bestselling author on Amazon of two books on intellectual property Legally Branded and Intellectual Property Revolution. She is also a trained journalist. As well as advising top blue chip companies like Reuters Shireen has supported hundreds of SMEs to protect their business assets and brands when launching, growing and exiting their businesses. Under her separate business, Azrights International Ltd she offers training courses in positioning, intellectual property, branding, and brand building. So she is well placed to integrate marketing with intellectual property to help businesses to build strong differentiated brands for their products and services.


           Protecting Digital and other Assets via Copyright Online Course                 00:28:00
1. What is copyright? Why It Matters to Every Business 00:03:00
2. Copyright Ownership Rules and How Copyright Arises 00:04:00
3. International Laws – Use of Legal Agreements 00:04:00
4. Transfer of Copyright, Moral Rights, and Why You Need To Own Your Logo 00:08:00
5. Copyright in Action – Practical Examples and Importance of Having a Process 00:09:00

Copyright Online Course + Template



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